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Updates and a little bit of Bronycon news

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 10:44 AM
Top o' the morning to you all! How is everyone?

First off, I figured I'd mention the main bit of news, which is that I didn't get accepted as a vendor at the Bronycon. I may attend regardless, but I suppose we'll see. Thank you for the support, anyway. You guys are great. :iconarigatouplz:
The thing that feels most unfortunate in this case is that I should be attending college next year - possibly in Ohio or upper New York - so I don't know if I can attend to be a vendor next year. This was it - but don't worry! I may be able to apply for vending at a different convention like the TrotCon in Ohio, or the Ponycon in NYC. Still, with college work - I'm not sure. I guess we'll see!

So anyway, now that I have that out of the way, just a couple more things I might as well mention.

1. I'm planning on setting up an Etsy, where I can sell prints and T-shirts, or other nifty things. Right now with TeePublic, I only recieve $4 per shirt (and only $2 if it's on sale.) I'm hoping to find a way I can make more of a profit than that, but that might require investing hundreds of dollars into shirts first - and that's without a guarentee of how many will sell without using TeePublic's advertising... And without being able to send the 72-hour shirts to Equestria Daily. I'm pretty sure most of my sales come from people browsing EqD who see some fancy new shirts on sale and decide to grab one - because if I don't submit a shirt to EqD, it usually doesn't sell much or at all. I think in the meantime, I'm going to focus on selling prints - and possibly bookmarks or notebooks or other cute things of that nature.

2. I have an MLP comic in the works - but it's a slow process right now. I hope you'll all like it! It's my first shot at an actual comic, so we'll see how it goes. It's not a comic strip, either - it's an actual story. I actually only finished one page as of now, and I'm working on the second - so I'm not sure if I'll upload sooner or later. I'm planning on getting at least 5 pages done before I start uploading... Or a whole chapter, perhaps. I've been considering making comics for a while, so this will hopefully get good feedback. :)
OH, and another thing. The comic will be read from right to left - and I'm so sorry for those of you that find that a little confusing. It's not because I'm a huge manga fan and I wanna "make everything like manga because manga is da best lolololol" or anything like that. It's because I _do_ read manga, and it's more often than regular comics - and so sometimes I actually FEEL like I'm writing a comic backwards if I go from left to right. Because of this, I was sort of scared that the comic's quality or readability would suffer if I tried to force myself to write it in a direction I was uncomfortable with. I do apologize, but I want the comic to be as good as I can make it - so thank you for understanding. :)

3. I'm also planning on possibly making some how-to-draw videos on Youtube! Once I know how to go about it, that is. I'm not sure if I'll be using my voice, or if I'll be strictly doing video with subtitles - though I suppose my voice would be preferred. We'll see.

That just about covers things for now!
If you have any kind of suggestions, now's the time. I really like hearing from you guys. :icontuzkiblushplz:

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United States
I'm an artist but my gallery has quite a few themes:

My Little Pony
Pixel stuff
And occasional random sketching on paper

Nice to meet you! :dummy:

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Show-Style MLP Commissions (Full Color)
Dippy Hooves by Natsu714
'Split Heritage' Cover Art by Natsu714
Lunch Pony meets Derpy by Natsu714
 One pony at a time please.
OR, note me if you want more than one. :) (Smile)
Rules and details here -…

(I also do Paypal! ($6.00) )
Show-Style MLP Commissions (Line Art)
Vinyl Scratch - Pony Rain (LINEART) by Natsu714

One pony at a time please.
OR, note me if you want more than one. :)
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(I also do paypal! ($4.00) )
Show-Style MLP Commissions (Sketch)
Thunder Sprite Sketch (Request) by Natsu714 Lolita Ribbon Lace Sketch (Request) by Natsu714 Claret Sketch by Natsu714

One pony at a time please.
OR, note me if you want more than one. :)
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(I also do Paypal! ($2.00) )
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Standing Lineless Applejack by Natsu714 ButtonBelle Lineless by Natsu714 Cute Ponies Commission for Grimusk by Natsu714

One pony at a time please.
OR, note me if you want more than one. :)
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(I also do Paypal! ($10.00) )
"Sketchy Pony" Commissions
Sketchy Pinkie Pie by Natsu714 Sketchy Derpy by Natsu714 Sketchy Rainbow Dash by Natsu714

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(I also do Paypal! ($7.50) )



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